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Peter's Publications

Peter Reynolds developed an interest in archaeology while still a classics master at Shrewsbury Grammar School. In fact, his first ever book was "A little Latin Primer", as he was wont to describe it in private !

He started his work in experimental archaeology working with pupils from the school and his publication's career began soon after. As a result of reviewing a friend's thesis, before it was submitted, he determined to change track .... from there the rest is history, one might say! However, it wasn't until the offer of the directorship of Butser Ancient Farm was on the table that he could take it up as a paid career.

His work at Butser and, later, more widely, in the field of experimental archaeology gave him the opportunity to establish himself as an authority recognised internationally both in the academic field and as a communicator at every level. The listing below allows one to trace the spread of his work across the whole of Europe and to the length and breadth of the Americas .... from Brazil to Toronto .... from Scandinavia to Spain across to Hungary and latterly to Turkey. Some of the details of his advice and lectures from further afield have never been published.

Christine Shaw, Butser Archivist and copyright holder of Peter Reynolds' publications has decided, in the interests of research and education, to make available as many as possible of the following publications. Where a title is in blue, this is a link to a .pdf file of the item in question.

Leaflets and other publications relating to the various sites can be accessed here

The publications of Dr Peter J Reynolds : a chronological listing, including published lectures

"Experiment in Iron Age Agriculture", Reynolds P J, Trans. Bristol & Gloucestershire Arch. Soc., 1967, 86, 60-73

"Kemerton Camp in Bredon Hill and its Villages" Reynolds P J & Lloyd RH 1967 79-83 Evesham Hist. Soc. Res. Papers 1967,1, 79-83

"Reconstruction of an Iron Age Hut" Reynolds P J, Evesham Hist. Soc. Res. Papers 1967,1, 5-10

"Invasion" Latin for Reading Series, Peter J Reynolds 1969 Rivingtons, London

"Experiment in Iron Age Agriculture", Reynolds P J, Trans. Bristol & Gloucs. Arch. Soc., 1969, 88, 29-33

"An Experiment in Iron Age Economy", P.J.Reynolds, Ago No.8 December 1970 pub. Trustees of the Archaeological Centre Bournemouth, UK

"Aston Mill Farm" Reynolds P J, Evesham Hist. Soc. Res. Papers 1971, 3, 1-10

"Exploratory Examination of a Romano-British Site at Wickhamford, Worcestershire", Reynolds P J, Evesham Hist.Soc.Res.Papers 1971, 3, 11-18

"Experimental Archaeology", Reynolds P.J., Worcester Arch. Newsletter, Special edition No.9 1972 pub. City Museum and Art Gallery

"Avoncroft Museum of Buildings - Iron Age Project" booklet written and project directed by Peter Reynolds MA c.1972 printed by Hill Shorter Ltd., Birmingham

"Experimental Iron Age Storage Pits : An interim report", Peter J Reynolds, The Prehistoric Society, 1974, 40, 118-131

"Bringing Home the Harvest", Peter Reynolds, The Times, Saturday September 28th 1974, Times Newspaper Ltd., 1974

"The Butser Ancient Farm Project", Reynolds P.J., Bulletin of the Birmingham Archaeological Society 1975, 13, 36-38

"Farming in the Iron Age" Reynolds P J Cambridge University Press 1976

"The Butser Ancient Farm Research Project" Reynolds P J, in "International Study Conference on the Role of Regional Ethnology in "Environmental Interpretation and Education" Council of Europe, Strasbourg 1976

"Experimental Archaeology and the Butser Ancient Farm Project" Rescue News 11 pp7-8 1976

"Slash and Burn Experiment", Reynolds P J, Archaeol. J. 1977, 134, 307-318

"Boeren in de ijzertijd" [being a translated version of "Farming in the Iron Age" 1976] Reynolds P J Haarlem : Fibula van Dishoek Holland 1977 ISBN 90 228 3256 2

"The Iron Age Farm Demonstration Area" Peter Reynolds 1976 : The County Recreation Department, Hampshire CC, Winchester

"Experimental Archaeology and the Butser Ancient Farm Project" Reynolds P J, in "The Iron Age in Britain : a Review" pp33-40 ed. J Collis Sheffield University Press 1977

"Experimental Archaeology at the Butser Ancient Farm Research Project" Reynolds P J, in Conference Report pp136-146 Westerheem XXVI - 3 Archaeologische Werkgemeenschap voor Nederland, Santpoort-Zuid (Holland) 1977 [in Dutch].

"Ancient Vermont", Reynolds P J & Ross A, Antiquity 1977, 52, 100-107

"The Experimental Storage of Grain in Underground Silos", unpublished PhD thesis, 1978, Leicester University

"Archaeology by Experiment : a Research Tool for Tomorrow", Reynolds P J, in "New Approaches to our Past - an Archaeological Forum", 1978 pp139-155 Southampton University

"An Ard Tip from Slonk Hill", Reynolds P J, in Hartridge , "Excavations at the Prehistoric and Romano-British Site on Slonk Hill, Shoreham, Sussex", Sussex Arch.Coll. 1978, 116, 99

"Butser Ancient Farm Research Project - a Unique Experiment in World Archaeology" Reynolds P J in Report on Conference "Les structures d'habitat a l'Age du Fer en Europe temperci - l'evolution d'habitat en Berry" Levroux, France 1978

"The Domestic Fowl of the Iron Age" Reynolds P J The World Pheasant Association 1977 - 1978 Journal Vol III pp 60-64

"Living in the Past" Peter Reynolds 1979 booklet for Cheddar Gorge Museum Exhibition about the 1977 BBC programme of this name, for which Reynolds acted as Consultant and instructor for the participants.

Article in Archaeolog No8 April 1979 pp12-15 [published prior to a group visit to BAF] by The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, Archaeology Section.

"Life in the Iron Age" Peter Reynolds, Lerner Publications,Minneapolis USA (CUP) 1979

"Romano-British Corn-Drying Oven : an Experiment", P J Reynolds (asst. ed.) & J K Langley, Archaeol. J., 1979, 136, 27-42

"Iron Age Farm - The Butser Experiment", Peter J Reynolds, Colonnade Books: a British Museum Publication 1979

"A General Report of Underground Grain Storage Experiments at the Butser Ancient Farm Research Project" Reynolds P J in "Les Techniques de Conservation des Grains a Long Terme" Vol.1 pp 57-90 CNRS Paris 1979

"My job" Reynolds, Peter J Popular Archaeology (Bath) 1 :2 pp3-11 1979

"Impressions - Butser Ancient Farm", Archaeological Research, Petersfield UK 1980

"Cassivellaunus - the Celtic King" Reynolds P J, Educational Pack CUP 1980

"Butser Ancient Farm Research Project - a unique experiment in world archaeology" & "Les champs Celtique - la cinquieme dimension" P J Reynolds .... two lectures at "Seminaire sur les structures d'habitat, Ethnologie Prehistorique ", College de France, Organisation Collective 1980

"Problems Encountered in the Replication of Iron Age Plant Husbandry" Paper at the Spring Conference on Experimental Archaeology, The Prehistoric Society, London 29-30 March 1980

“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. 1st Bohunt Lecture, 23rd April 1980

"Measurements of Plough Damage and the Effect of Ploughing on Archaeological Material", Reynolds P J & Schadla-Hall R T, Directorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings, Occasional Papers 3, 1980 pp 114-119

"The Working Agroscape of the Iron Age - Landscape History", Reynolds P J, J. of the Soc. for Landscape Studies, 1980, 2, 1-20

"Current research with ancient agriculture" Reynolds P J in Bulletin of Experimental Archaeology No 1 pp 15-18 ed. Johnston David E Dept. of Adult Education University of Southampton 1980

"Deadstock and Livestock", Peter Reynolds in "Farming Practice in British Prehistory" pp 97-122 ed. Roger Mercer, Edinburgh University Press 1981

"Archaeological Analogues from NW Spain" Reynolds P J, in "Les techniques de conservation des grains a long terme" Vol 2 1981 CNRS Paris

"Butser Ancient Farm Research Project - a unique experiment in world archaeology" & "Les champs Celtiques - la cinque dimension" two lectures by Peter Reynolds at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 1981

"New Approaches to Old Problems" Reynolds P J " in The Environment of Man from the Iron Age to the Anglo-Saxon Period" - ed. M K Jones & G W Dimbleby BAR 1982

"The Ploughzone" Reynolds P J, Festschrift zum 100 jahrigen Jubilaeum der Abteilung der Naturhistorischen Gesellshaft, pp 315-341 Nurnberg e.V. 1982

"Substructure to Superstructure" Reynolds P J in "Structural Reconstruction" ed. P J Drury BAR 110, 173-198 1982,

"The Donnerupland Ard", Reynolds P J in "Woodworking Techniques before AD 1500" ed. S McGrail BAR Int. Series 129, 129-151 1982  more images

"L'agriculture de l'Age de Fer", Reynolds P J, La Recherche 1982 13, 314-312 M 1108-1131

"The Material Culture of the Pagan Celt" Reynolds P J in "The Celtic Consciousness" ed R O'Driscoll Toronto Canada 1982

"La agricultura en la Edad del Hierro" Reynolds P J in Mundo Scientifico 1982 14 483-ff

"Research Project", attributed Peter Reynolds, "Archaeology in Britain 1982, pp 38-41 CBA

"Reconstruction of the Vallus - the Celtic Reaping Machine" Reynolds P J Bull. Of Exp. Arch. 1983 No3

More images

"Reconstruction of the Biskupin Houses" Reynolds P J Popular Archaeology 1983

"Storage of Barley Grain in Iron Age Type Underground Pits", R A Hill, J Lacey, P J Reynolds, J. stored Prod. Res., 1983, 19, No4, 163-171

"Archaeologie du Terroir - ruptures at continuite dans l'occupation des sols" 55ff & "Forets-Champs-Patruages" 91ff Reynolds P J Permanence des Techniques Academie du Centre, Chateauroux, CNRS 1984

"Butser Ancient Farm Project Trust", A review for Autumn 1984 Peter J Reynolds pub BAF Project Trust

"Carbonised seed, crop yield, weed infestation and harvesting techniques of the Iron Age", Reynolds P J, Les techniques de conservation des grains a long terme" 1985 3.1 397-403 CNRS Paris

"Iron Age Agriculture Reviewed" Reynolds P J Wessex Lecture No1 Council for British Archaeology, Group 12 1985

"Les Omoplates encochees Neolithiques de Ganj Dareh (Iran) - etude morphologique et fontionelle" Reynolds P J, Stordeur D & Anderson-Gerfaud P Recherche - Cahiers de l'Euphrate No4 1985

"Emperisme in Arqueologia" Reynolds P J Cota-Zero-Revista D'Arqueologia i Cienca 1986 2 79-89

"Celtic Gold" Reynolds P J in Butser Ancient Farm Year Book 1986

BAF Demonstration Area Guide Leaflets Set 1986 : The Pimperne House : Prehistoric Crops Livestock : The Herb Garden : The Industrial Zone pub BAF Project Trust

Fishbourne Roman Palace Demonstration Area Guide Leaflets Set : Vines, Herbs and Vegetables : Roman Farming Pub BAF Project Trust and Project Report 1986

"Ancient Farming", Reynolds P J, Shire Book 50 Shire Publications 1987

"Farming Through the Ages" Reynolds P J, Activity Book CUP 1987

“The Fragmentation of Pottery in the Ploughsoil”, Reynolds, P J in Butser Ancient Farm Yearbook 1987

"Meteorological Data 1987" Reynolds P J & Wyman A R W, 1988 pub Butser Ancient Farm

"Butser Ancient Farm Project Data Books" Reynolds P J, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 pub BAF Project Trust

"Une Ferme de la Protohistoire en Angleterre" Reynolds P J, 1988 Dossiers Histoire et Archaeologie No126 pub L'Archaeodrome et l'experimentation en archaeologie, France

"Etude des moutons soay de Butser Farm. Apports a la connaisance des moutons protohistoric (conference summary)" Arbogast, Rose-Marie, Meniel, Patrice, Reynolds, Peter J p13 in Colloque !nternational 6 au 9 Avril "Experimentation en Archaeologie : Bilan et perspectives" l'Archaeodrome be Beaunne, APAB Meursault 1988

"Arqueologica Experimental - una perspectiva de futur", Reynolds P J, Eumo Editorial 1988 Universitaria deVic, Spain (English translation)

"Sherd Movement in the Ploughzone - Physical Database into Computer Simulation" Reynolds P J, in "Computer and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology" ed S P Q Rahtz 1988 CAA 88 BAR International Series 446 (ii)

"The Butser Ancient Farm" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 6 1988 4-5

"Ploughs in Prehistory" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 7 1988 5-7

"Prehistoric Plant Communities" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 8 1988 4-7

"An Iron Age Harvest" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 9 1988 24-26

"Pit Technology in the Iron Age" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 10 1988 24-26

"Reconstruct or Construct - the Pimperne House" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Magazine No 11 1989 34-37

"The Ploughzone and Prehistoric Pottery" Reynolds P J British Archaeology Mag. No 12 1989 24-26

"Butser Ancient Farm - an extraordinary classroom" Reynold P J in Council for British Archaeology Education Bulletin 6 ed W Richardson 1989

"Meteorological Data 1988" Reynolds P J & Wyman A R W, 1989 pub Butser Ancient Farm

"The Fishbourne Experimental Earthworks" Physical and Botanical Data Books 1988-1991 Peter J Reynolds Butser Ancient Farm Publications

"The Wroughton Experimental Earthworks" Physical and Botanical Data Books 1988-1991 Peter J Reynolds Butser Ancient Farm Publications

"Fishamble Street - an experimental construction in domestic architecture in Europe 500-110 AD" Reynolds P J 1989 Dublin

"Meteorological Data 1989" Reynolds P J & Wyman A R W, 1990 pub Butser Ancient Farm

"Reynolds at Large" - a series of perspectives on archaeological themes of the day in "Yesterday's World" Sep/Oct 1989 through June/July 1990

"Butser Ancient Farm Project Trust", Reynolds P J The Ark July 1990 243-245 Rare Breeds Survival Trust

"Experiment in Archaeology - the Butser Ancient Farm" Reynolds P J in Tribuna d'Arqueologia 1990 Departmento de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalyuna, Barcelona, Spain

"Experimentelle Archaeologie" Reynolds P J 1990 Archaeologische Informationen 13 Heft 1 pp61-72 Bonn Germany

"Meteorological Data 1990" Reynolds P J & Wyman A R W, 1991 pub Butser Ancient Farm

"Zur herkunft verkohlter Getreidekoerner in urgeschichtlichen Siedlungen : eine alternative Erklaerung" (Eng. trans. "On the origin of carbonised cereal grain in prehistoric settlements : an alternative interpretation"), Reynolds P J, in Archaeophysica 13, "7000 Jahre bauerliche Landschaft : Entstehung, Erforschung, Erhaltung (Eng.trans. 7000 years of rural landscape : origin, research, conservation ) 199....

"Crop Yields of the Prehistoric Cereal Types Emmer and Spelt - the Worst Option" in "Prehistoire de L'Agriculture - Nouvelles Approches Experiementales et Ethnographic" Monographie du CRA, no.6, CNRS 1992

"Experimental Reconstruction" Dr Peter Reynolds in "An Iron Age Settlement in Dorset, excavations and reconstruction", Harding D W Blake I, Reynolds P J, Monograph 1, Edinburgh University Press, Department of Archaeology 1993 incorporating a description of the construction of the Pimperne House at BAF

"L'earthwork de l'esquerda. Un experiment sobre processo de formacio" I.Ollich, P.J.Reynolds, M. Rocafguera 1993 Arqueologia Espacial 16-17 pp341-352 "Processos Postdeposicionales : 4thColoquio Internacional de Arqueologia Espacial en Teruel 23-25 Sept 1993

"Experimental Archaeology : a Perspective for the Future", C.J.C. Reuvens Lecture No5, Stichting voor de Nederlandse Archeologie, Alphen aan den Rijn, Reynolds P J, 1994

"Agricultura Mediaeval - Archaeologia Experimental - El Projecte de L' Esquerda" Ollich I, Reynolds P J, Rocafiguera A M 1994 in Actas del IV Congres d'Archaeologia Mediaeval Espanyola, Alicante 1993 pp 701-709

"The Food of the Prehistoric Celts", Peter Reynolds in "Food in Antiquity" ed. J Wilkins, D Harvey & M Dobson, University of Exeter Press 1995

"Rural Life and Farming" Peter J Reynolds in The Celtic World ed Miranda Green Routledge 1995 pp 176-209

"The Project for the Reconstruction of a Roman Villa at Butser Ancient Farm" David Johnston and Dr Peter Reynolds, Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Section Newsletter, New Series, No.23 pp 13-14 Spring 1995

"The Life and Death of a Post Hole", Peter Reynolds, Interpreting Stratigraphy 5, 1995, Proceedings of a Conference held at Norwich Castle Museum on 16th June 1994 and supported by the Norfolk Archaeological Unit

"Mediaeval Cereal Yields - an empirical challenge" Reynolds P J Acta Mediaevalia (Barcelona) 1997 18 495-507

"Arable Weed Survey - Plant Survey" p106 : "Cereal Research Programme" p113 : "Mediaeval Cereal Yields in Catalonia and England" p121 : "The Experimental Storage of Grain in Simulated Mediaeval Underground Silos" p131 : "The Experimental Earthwork at l'Esquerda" p152 : "The Mediaeval Fence" p174 : being the reports by Peter J Reynolds on his experimental programme (1991-1994) while Visiting Professor to the University of Barcelona published in Monografies d'Archaeologica Mediaeval i Postmediaeval No3 1998 University of Barcelona

"The Educational World of Butser Ancient Farm" Reynolds Peter J pp 45-64 in "Treballs d'arqueologia 5, Actes del II seminari Arqueologia in ensenyament" [2nd conf. on archaeology and education] ed. Marcen, Paloma 12-14 Nov 1998 UAB Bellaterra Barcelona ISSN 1134 9263

"Das Wesen archaeologischer Experimente" Reynolds Peter J pp7-20 in Experimentelle Archaeologie, Bilanz 1998 Archaeologische Mitteilungen aus Nordwestdeutschland, Beiheft 24 (Oldenburg)

"Butser Ancient Farm: A Unique Research & Education Establishment", Peter Reynolds, a chapter in "The Constructed Past : experimental archaeology, education and the public", ed. Peter G Stone & Phillipe G Planel, One World Archaeology No36, Routledge, 1999, being the report of a lecture given at the World Archaeological Congress 1994 in India.

"The Nature of Experiment in Archaeology", Dr Peter J Reynolds, being a chapter in "Experiment & Design in Archaeology" - in honour of John Coles ed. Prof. A F Harding and published by Oxbow Books 1999.

"The Nature of Experiment in Archaeology", Dr Peter J Reynolds, Budapest 1999 "Proceedings of the International Archaeological Conference, Szazhalombatta 3-7 October 1996" pp 387-395, eds. Erzsebet Jerem and Ildiko Poroszlai, pub. Archaeolingua, Budapest

"Archaeology Laboratory" 57th Annual Plains Anthropological Conference, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA 20-24 Oct 1999. Roundtable discussion session on Experimental Archaeology : chair Peter Reynolds.

"The Butser Ancient Farm Earthworks Research Project - a first analysis of the data and a description and review of the methodology" Dr P J Reynolds & R Hedge C.Eng., Monograph Series No4, 1999 pub. Butser Ancient Farm

"A New Hypocaust for the Millennium", Dr Peter J Reynolds, ARA, the Bulletin of the Association for Roman Archaeology, Spring/Summer 1999 pp11-12

"The Third Harvest of the First Millenium AD in the Plana de Vic", Reynolds P J & Shaw C E, 1999 in "Actes del Congres Internacional Gilbert d'Orlhac i el seu temps : Catalunya i Europa a la fin del premier millenni" pub Eumo Editorial, Vic, Spain

"Povaha experimentu v archeologii" [employment of experiments in archaeology] Reynolds, Peter J pp153-164 in Rekonstrukce a experiment v archeologii (REA)2 Tichy, Radomir et al (ed) Hradec Kralove 2001

"The Scientific Basis for the Reconstruction of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Houses" Reynolds, Peter J. [contribution to the ESF Workshop on the reconstruction of wooden buildings from the prehistoric and early historic period, held in Aarhus, Denmark in 1987] pub. in REA Journal for (Re)construction and Experiment in Archaeology (Hradec Kralove : DAEA & EXARC) Volume 3, 2006 pp58-68 ISBN-10:90-78657-4, ISBN-13: 978-90-78657-01-0, ISSN 1214-9551 ed. Dvorakova. J., Dohnalkova, Hana, Kelm, Rudiger and Paaredekooper, Roeland.

“The Conderton Construct”, Peter J. Reynolds in “Conderton Camp, Worcestershire: a small middle Iron Age Hillfort on Bredon Hill”, ed N Thomas. CBA Research Report 143, Council for British Archaeology 2005 pp 85-93 more images