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The world famous Butser Ancient Farm was instituted to research into Prehistoric & Roman Agriculture and Building Techniques by experimentation.

The late Dr Peter Reynolds (1939-2001) was its founding Director.

This website is intended to allow students and researchers access to his methods and results.

For a paper outlining the history and development of Butser Ancient Farm, the philosophy and methodology of the research, its employment in education and its relationship to the general public click here

Peter Reynolds had very firm ideas about what constituted Experimental Archaeology. For a paper summarising his views click here

In the 1990s, Peter Reynolds made a list for a seminar of what he called ‘Golden Nuggets’ - an impromptu summary for the main themes of his work and its outcomes click here

This website and the full publications give a complete picture of the experiments which gave rise to this synopsis.

To contact the Archivist click here

The name Butser Ancient Farm & logo representing a round house are registered trade marks of Christine Shaw.

The final site created by Peter Reynolds at Bascomb is now run by Butser Education CIC.